3 Celebrity Wedding Dress That Were Altered to Perfection

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Bridal

Have you ever seen a celebrity wedding dress and gotten inspired? So have we. Here at Montrose Tailors and Bridal, we are always looking to see what’s trending and how we can make your dress dreams come true. 

Behind every beautiful wedding dress are the perfect alterations. Alterations and tailoring can transform a dress from a beautiful idea into the perfect fit. 

Take a look at some of our favorite celebrity wedding dresses that are sure to leave you inspired and ready to get your dress altered to perfection. 

Jennifer Lopez’s Timeless Wedding Dress

First, let’s take a look at Jennifer Lopez’s wedding attire for her ceremony and celebration with Ben Affleck. 

Lopez ultimately wore two gowns, one for her ceremony and another for the reception. Both gowns were gorgeous, but the gown from her ceremony is already making waves that all future brides should pay attention to. 

(Courtesy of Vogue. Photo by John Russo.)

This Ralph Lauren dress is sleek and stylish. The turtleneck makes it a modest option, but it’s also an incredibly slimming fit. 

Lopez opted for a mermaid dress that accentuates her curves. She also chose ruffles that give the dress a romantic tail. 

For a dress like this, tailoring and alterations were likely key to giving the dress the desired effect. A dress too loose wouldn’t be able to hug her body and would create wrinkles from the extra fabric. A dress too tight would be uncomfortable and would lose the element of modesty that makes this dress perfect for any wedding style.

If you want a timeless piece, take note of Lopez’s style choices. The length, high neckline, and perfect fit make it a beautiful, show-stopping dress that she will look at fondly for years to come.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Glamorous Wedding Dress

Kourtney Kardashian’s dress was as unique as it was glamorous, undoubtedly making heads turn in the best way possible. On her special day with her now husband, Travis Barker, she wore a gorgeous short dress with a long, flowing gown. 

(Courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram). 

Kardashian opted for a corset-style dress that highlighted her great figure. The dress style hid nothing, accentuating her great figure and toned legs. 

She left no detail out. From the arm-length bridal gloves to the amazingly detailed veil, 

Kardashian’s outfit was planned and executed to perfection. 

(Photo courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram). 

The veil was a major component of this dress, showing how accessories can truly change the effect a wedding dress creates on your special day. Kardashian’s veil featured beautiful lace embroidery, with its main feature an embroidered image of the Virgin Mary. 

Kardashian’s dress, and Barker’s suit, were both custom designed by Dolce and Gabanna. 

Kardashian’s dress likely required a skilled tailor to make the fit perfect. Since Kardashian opted for a short dress, she probably required the hemline to be perfect so that it accentuated her legs but still remained comfortable and well-fitting. Corsets are also known to require perfect and careful alterations. 

Thankfully, Kardashian’s tailor clearing knew exactly what to do, and her dress turned out amazing. For those looking for a dress that will be unique and glamorous, consider all of the elements that Kardashian pulled together for her stunning look. 

What Can a Tailor and Alterations Specialist Do For You?

Every bride deserves to feel beautiful and gorgeous on their special day. Whether you are going for a timeless, glamorous, or dramatic final look, an alterations specialist can make all of the difference. 

A specialist will help ensure that your vision is able to come to fruition. A tailor will also make sure that the dress can remain comfortable for your ceremony and your reception. 

While you may already have a gorgeous dress, making it fit you perfectly can take a gown to the next level. When it comes to alterations, you deserve only the best. 

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