How to Find the Best Off-the-Rack Wedding Dress

by | Jul 24, 2022 | Bridal

Purchasing your wedding dress off the rack is a smart move, as long as you do it right. Nothing beats finding your dream dress and having the ability to take it home on the same day. Before you start shopping for your off-the-rack wedding dress, it is important you know how to find the best. After all, it is your big day, and you deserve nothing short of it.

Off-the-rack wedding dresses are perfect for brides working on a budget or have a tight schedule. Nonetheless, there is a right and wrong way of finding a wedding dress off the rack. You need to know what to expect when looking and the proper steps you need to take in order to get the most out of your dress. We have outlined a handful of tips for you to find the best off-the-rack wedding dress for your big day.

Know Your Options

You may know the style of wedding dress you want, but it may be because you know very few options. Wedding dresses come in all types of styles, sizes, and designs. The number of options you can be presented with is endless. Many brides have an idea of what they want, but they never know all of their choices.

Do your research before you start physically shopping for a wedding dress. Learn about the different styles of dresses and the many materials that go into them. Browse Pinterest or look on nearby boutique sites to see what their shops have to offer because what you see in the store is only a small sample.



Hire a Bridal Consultant

Another way of learning what is available to you is to hire a bridal consultant. Of course, they’ll do more than just tell you about the many wedding dress options. They also work with you to find the perfect dress straight off the rack. Not every dress is going to fit you perfectly. Bridal consultants will ensure the dress fits perfectly through alterations and design changes.

An off-the-rack wedding dress is not restricted to its design. A bridal consultant is capable of making design changes to your wedding dress so that it encapsulates your vision and personality. They’ll assist you in these changes, all while ensuring it fits you comfortably and beautifully.


Expect Alterations

As we already mentioned, your off-the-rack dress is likely not going to fit you perfectly. You should expect your dress to need alterations, approximately two of the three fittings. Your bridal consultant or a tailor will work with you to ensure it fits perfectly. It is best to have alterations performed several months or weeks in advance of the wedding day, so do your best to start looking early!

Of course, the team at Montrose Tailors & Bridal knows the unexpected can occur all the way up to the last minute. That is why we are happy to offer same-day alterations for those brides who find themselves in trouble. We’ll be able to provide you with the alterations you need just in time for the big wedding day.


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