Same Day Alterations, Wait You Can Do That?

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Alterations

Yes we can! Montrose Tailors & Bridal understands that life can be busy in Houston and you don’t always have the time to bring in clothes so far ahead of time. Not to worry, we specialize in same-day alterations and are well-known for our quick turn-around times! Though, depending on the speed, the complexity of the item, and the current incoming volume of orders, we will charge a rush fee to expedite the process. Typically for same-day alterations, you can expect a rush fee.

But what alterations are possible to do within one day, you may ask. Well, below we have compiled a list of all the basic alterations we can do within one day. For any other alterations, it may be helpful to call and check, but if your inquiry is on this list, you can be sure to get it back before we close!


First off, pants! Or even shorts and skirts for that matter. On this type of item we can get most anything done within a day. If they’re too long we can shorten them, or as we in the tailoring industry say it, “hem” them. If the legs are too wide, we can taper them! If the waist is too roomy, we can fix that too. We can patch pockets, reinforce seams, and add crotch guards to prevent future ripping all in the same day. We can even make slits on the sides if you’re feeling creative. 

The one thing we might not be able to get done within a day, is a full recut. This is a service our tailors provide when the waist is brought in more than 3 inches. A full recut is all of the major alterations put together, and it essentially changes the size of the pants. If ever you find yourself in need of one, it’s best to drop off with a few days to spare, or call ahead to find out if we have the resources to finish your order on time.


Shirts are another item we have little to no trouble with. The sleeves can be shortened or lengthened, the bottom can be hemmed, and the buttons can even be replaced. We know that an ill-fitted shirt can make or break any kind of look from street style to business formal, so trusting us with your assorted tops guarantees that your unique style can shine through.

Jackets & Coats

Some jacket or coat alterations can be finished within a day, as well. The alterations that we can definitely complete on these items consist of shortening the sleeves and taking in the sides. Shortening the sleeves, while a bit complicated, is possible to finish within a day. Though depending on whether the buttons on your jacket sleeve have functioning button holes, it may take longer because we may need to approach this alteration from the shoulder. Taking in or letting out the sides of a coat also takes a moderate amount of time, so any fluctuation in weight is an easy fix even if you need it on the day of! As with pants, for alterations like lowering or thickening the collar, taking in the shoulders blades, or even shortening the coat altogether, you may need to call ahead or consider dropping the jacket off one to two days in advance for the best chance of completion!


While such an item of clothing can vary extensively, there are some alterations for dresses with quick turn-around times. Hemming or shortening the dress, in particular, is relatively simple. This common alteration can be among the easiest for Maxi or form-fitting dresses. Dresses with one layer don’t require too much hassle either. 

A common mistake many dress-wearers make, though, is measuring the difficulty of a hem by how much material is being cut off. This isn’t necessarily true! Making a long dress into a shirt could be one of the quickest alterations you can ask for because our professional seamstresses measure the difficulty of hemming by how wide around the material is and how many layers they’ll be hemming. It’s less about the material coming off and more about the material staying on. Hopefully that helps if you were planning on coming into the shop with a big chop idea!

Besides hems, we can also fix straps or even take in any area of the dress that may feel a bit loose. For letting dresses out, though, or making them any number of sizes larger, you may want to call ahead or drop off your item a day or two before you need it, so we can make sure to have it fitting perfectly on time for your pickup. The same applies for any dress with beading, sequins, or intricate detailing.

Zippers and Fixes

Sometimes the garment may have a wonderful fit, but after years of wear and tear, it seems that seams have come apart or zippers have begun to wear down. That is not a problem for our in-shop tailors! If ever you need a rip fixed, or a new zipper altogether, we can make it happen within a day usually. The only complications come in when the zipper is a certain color, and while we do maintain a varied assortment of zippers in stock for most patron’s zipping needs, you may want to call ahead if you foresee this being an issue.


Finally, a less common request we get than any of the others listed is taking measurements. Understandably, some customers may want something custom-made from a certain designer. And while we do offer custom creation in shop, we are happy to assist anyone who would like their measurements taken by a professional seamstress. So don’t hesitate to stop by and allow us to help you achieve your fitted vision.

We hope this post has answered any questions you may have regarding same-day alterations, and next time you need any kind of quick fix for your fetching outfit, know that our tailors can provide accommodating and speedy service. Our tailors and seamstresses are the best in the industry, and they can’t wait to have you in for an appointment, so give us a call at (713) 637-4089 or click the Book Now tab on our website to schedule one. We also take walk-ins, so stop by our shop, Montrose Tailors & Bridal, when you can to achieve your perfect fit!

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