The Process of Creating a Custom Wedding Dress

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Bridal

Some brides are able to find the perfect wedding dress straight off the rack, while others will search every boutique in the city and never find “the one.” For those brides who are never able to find a wedding dress that checks all the boxes, a custom wedding dress is the way to go.

Every bride deserves to walk down the aisle in their dream dress. For some brides, their dream dress doesn’t exist yet, which is why a custom wedding dress is the perfect route to take. Not only will your custom wedding dress be “the one” of your dreams, but it will also be one-of-a-kind. No other bride will have a dress quite like yours, giving you all the confidence you need to walk down the aisle.

Before you can start imagining yourself in your dream dress, you have to start the long process of creating a custom wedding dress. This process can take between 3 to 6 months, so it’s best to start this process as early as possible.

Step 1: Find a Designer

Finding a custom wedding dress designer that fits your expectations can be difficult. We suggest you perform thorough research to find a designer that impresses you. Ask them pictures of their past work to get an understanding of what they can do. If you notice their designs are nothing like what you are wanting, you may look elsewhere. Of course, a meeting with the designer is always beneficial even though you’re still looking. Doing so will help you understand their care for you and your vision.


Step 2: Consultation

Once you have found your designer, set up an initial consultation with them. During the meeting, the designer will ask you a handful of questions about your wedding and what you are looking for in a dress. You’ll want to be as specific as possible during the consultation, so your designer can get the best vision possible.

We recommend using pictures of other wedding dresses for reference. The reference wedding dresses should showcase details or features you want to be included in your own dream dress. Pictures are also great for brides unable to explain the technical details of wedding dresses.


Step 3: Drafting a Design

After your consultation, the designer will get to work on a draft for your design. This starts out as a sketch, which will later be iterated on. The design is never final during this phase. You have the final say on moving forward. Be honest and forward with your designer, so they know what to change for your dream dress. The designer may go through a few drafts for the design, or they may get it just right on the first. It varies with each designer and bride.

When you are happy with the sketch, the designer will take more than 50 different measurements of your body. This is essential for creating the dress and developing a digital mockup so you can see yourself in your dress before sewing has begun. Once you see the mockup, you can suggest edits that the designer will happily make before they begin.


Step 4: Creating the Dress

When you approve of the design and mockup, the designer will start creating your custom wedding dress. They’ll use the fabrics and materials you chose to create a dress that will leave your significant other and guests speechless.


Step 5: Alterations

Finally, the last step in the custom wedding dress process is alterations. The designer will call you in to try on the dress. Typically, two or three fittings are required in order for the dress to fit perfectly. After those fittings, you’ll be able to walk down the aisle in your dream wedding dress.


Bridal Alterations at Montrose Tailors & Bridal

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