About Us

Meet the Owners

We are the founders of Memorial Tailors here in Houston. Memorial Tailors has won the prestigious designation of being Houston’s best tailor shop!

We are so excited to open our newest location right in the heart of Montrose, one of the most vibrant and iconic areas in Houston. Montrose Tailors & Bridal was established by Mario Duarte and Elwin Tejada, two highly skilled Tailors with a passion for fashion and the art of Tailoring. 

Meet Mario

Montrose Tailor's & Bridal - Mario Duarte

Mario Duarte’s passion for the Art of tailoring began as a child in the gorgeous country of Guatemala. While growing up, Mario started training as a professional tailor at his brother and family’s tailor shop. As his knowledge of the art of tailoring grew, so did his love and interest. This was the point his passion sparked.

In early 90’s, Mario began mastering his alteration skills by working as an apprentice under one of the finest custom tailors in Houston. Not too long after, Mario was promoted to Head Tailor at the Leopold, Price & Rolle fine clothing store. From there, he continued to learn and improved his alteration skills eventually leading him to be a Tailor at Neiman Marcus in 1992, who later became an overflow partner of our operation.

In 1993, Mario established Prestige Tailors here in Houston. He operated the business until 2007, when he decided to move on from Prestige Tailors and on to the next chapter of his professional career.  

In 2009 Mario opened Memorial Tailors, a fine Tailor and Bridal shop right in the heart of the Houston next to the Memorial District area.

Since then, Mario's creativity, passion, and love for tailoring have given him the chance to create custom outfits and custom dance uniforms for the professional Houston dance teams: Houston Texans, Houston Rockets, and Houston Dynamo Girls. His latest custom dance uniforms are featured on the current Houston Rockets Clutch City Dancers. Mario pours his heart and soul into every stitch making him one of the best and most passionate tailors in the Greater Houston area.

Meet Elwin

Montrose Bridal & Tailor's - Elwin Tejada

Elwin Tejada is Mario's nephew and co-founder of Memorial Tailors and Montrose Tailors & Bridal. 

Like Mario, Elwin grew up around his family's tailor shop. Being exposed to the alteration industry captured Elwin’s interest at an early age and love for the art of tailoring began. 

Elwin's expertise and alteration skills have proved vital to the business by bringing a new breed of tailors and developing a strong team to serve the Houston area.  His passion for the alteration industry is easily seen in his skilled alterations and outstanding customer service. 

Elwin's strong dedication to the art of alteration pushes him to be constantly learning and keeping up the latest fashion trends. He help implement a one of kind individualized consultation appointments service which provides a hyper-focused experience. 

Elwin‘s commitment to providing the best customer services has helped Memorial Tailors become Houston's best alteration and tailor shop.

Establishing Montrose Tailors & Bridal

With the enormous success of Memorial Tailors, Mario and Elwin wanted to expand and establish yet another premium tailor shop in Houston. 

Montrose Tailors & Bridal’s home is a rebuilt and restored iconic building in the heart of Montrose. A Mansion built in 1928 and occupied by Marvin’s Photography until 2017. 

We dedicated a tremendous amount of time and resources to ensure that we restored this amazing historic building back to the amazing building it is. This historic building is now home to our flagship shop in the beautiful Montrose District.  This location allows us to now serve some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Houston, such as River Oaks, Museum District, upper Kirby, Midtown, Downtown, EADO, West University, Central Business District, Medical Center, Heights and beyond.

We are bring more than 40 years of experience as tailors into the Montrose location. We have what it takes to make your suit or wedding dress fit like you dreamed it. 

We are passionate about our work and take the responsibility of our customer’s trust to make them look fabulous very seriously, whether that is a simple garment or a one-of-a-kind wedding gown or formal dress.

Our goal is to serve you with the highest level of expertise, to assure your tailoring visit becomes an amazing experience and that all your alteration needs are met. Let our professional tailors and fitters help you achieve the perfect fit.

We encourage you to make an appointment online to allow our team to make your visit a phenomenal experience.

Come  experience what Fitted clothes can do to your image!