Experience what fitted clothes can do to your image!

Montrose Tailors & Bridal is the premier alteration and tailor shop in Houston. Our mission is to elevate our customer’s alteration experience, regardless of the attire, occasion, or complexity of the garment.

As the industry leaders in Houston, Montrose Tailors & Bridal knows how critical FIT is to our loyal customers. We understand the importance of feeling confident about what you wear, especially if the occasion is as important as a Wedding. How it fits matter!

If you feel comfortable wearing it, you feel confident.

Our team of expert Tailors & Bridal Specialist can help you transform any non-fitting piece of clothing into a perfect fit.  

As the preferred bridal alteration shop in Houston, we are proud to be a strategic partner with most bridal boutiques in the Houston and Austin area. 

We understand the role tailors and bridal specialist play in having a wonderful wedding day. Nothing boosts your confidence like a great fitting wedding gown, bridesmaids dress or any formal attire needed on that magical day.  We love being a part of your special occasions. 

We will work directly with you and guide you through the process of achieving a perfect fit.  Our goal is to make the precise and necessary alterations that move the needle toward excellence.

We believe you do not have to sacrifice comfort or fit for beauty. There is a way to have both, which is what Montrose Tailors & Bridal is here to do.

If You Can Wear It, We Can Alter It!

Fashion comes in all shapes, sizes, styles, and designs. Montrose Tailors & Bridal in Houston is proud to offer alterations for all types of clothing. Our knowledgeable staff has been recognized as Houston’s Best Alterations tailor shop. Our teams of talented tailors and bridal alteration specialists have years of experience working with designer’s dresses, there is no wedding dress we are unable to work with, no matter the brand. 

We offer specialized wedding gown alteration services because we know the unique nature of a bridal dresses. Visit our bridal dress alterations page to learn more about our wedding dress services and how we can make you look stunning while walking down the aisle.

 Express your best self, by wearing clothes that fit your personality.


Alteration Options

Montrose Tailors & Bridal's Houston tailor team can tackle from the most basic alterations such as a zipper or button replacement to being capable of completing complex alterations.  Need adjustment to the length of a jacket or restoring an older garment?  No type of alteration is too difficult for our Houston team of tailors!

We offer an easy to book online alterations appointments function on our website for your convenience. Meeting with one of our talented tailors one-on-one can be the best option if the alteration you need is more complicated or requires a specific specialized tailor. We will make the necessary accommodations you need in order to deliver the alterations your garment requires.

Uncertain about what alterations you may need? We can help you in that department too. One of our skilled tailors and bridal specialist can assess the alteration you need and walk you through the process of what it takes to get it done.

To learn more about the types of alterations we offer, give us a call or visit our store in Montrose, or Book your appointment online.  

We also offer same-day alterations on certain garments – see associate for details. 

Alteration FAQs

We are here to help you answer some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to the art of tailoring and achieving a high level of alterations.

If your question isn't listed below, reach out via phone or visit our location to ask us in person.

1. How much does an alteration cost?

     The cost of your alteration is based on the complexity of the work and what it will take to complete the necessary alterations. Our Houston alteration team can provide you with an estimate of your alteration's price before we begin. This way, you have an idea of what to expect once the job is done. You can always call us and ask for a price estimate.

    2. Can you provide alterations or update an older piece of clothing?

      Of course! We can make a wide range of alterations to older articles of clothing. Time period or age never matters with our tailors. We have seen it all!

      3. Can you alter a garment that has already been altered?

      Yes! We can alter clothing that has been altered before. If you are unhappy with the alterations from another tailor, our Houston team of tailors would love to correct the work. We will carefully walk you through what was previously done and what alterations measures we will take to correct the issues.

      4. Are your tailors able to work with materials like leather or fur?

      Yes! We have expert tailors in all the various materials. We always assign the best suited tailor to the specific garments customers bring in.  Our Houston team of tailors have seen it all and are ready for any garment you may have.