Bridal Alterations

At Montrose Tailors and Bridal, we specialize in Weddings!

Our mission is to make your dream wedding dress a reality. We understand the importance of the bridal dress on the day of your wedding. As a result, we have created a unique space, where brides, bridesmaids, grooms, and everyone in the wedding party can feel special, comfortable and confident that our team will make sure everything fits perfect.

Our one-of-a-kind tailor and bridal shop, has two dedicated bridal rooms to assist a single bride or her entire wedding party. This dedicated bridal room also includes a private bathroom and champaign upon request. Inquire about our bridal alterations package.

We always work closely with our brides to guide them through the delicate process of wedding gowns alterations. The number of design options you have for your dress is limitless. All you need is one of our trusted bridal specialists at your side.

Our Houston tailor shop in Montrose features dedicated bridal gown dressing rooms. Our friendly staff believes and works to make every bride feel welcomed and relaxed during the bridal alteration process. We want to help you through this process without rushing through a single step. Our bridal alteration experts work hand in hand with our brides to deliver their dream gown.

Wedding Dress Styles

Our bridal alterations team can assist you with any style or designer gown you may have. Wedding dresses can be as unique as the bride. We will help you to determine the type of alterations you need on your gown in order to create your dream gown. We will use a variety of different resources to pinpoint the design elements you love the most. Our tailors’ mission is to ensure your dress fits and looks exactly how you want it.

We encourage brides to make an appointment online with one of our bridal specialists to answer any question about the types of dresses we can work on, we are here to help!

Wedding Dress Alterations

Did you know that most gowns need some sort of alterations? Whether it is a simple hook to be moved or an intricate bustle, chances are you are going to need an alteration or adjustment.

Montrose Tailors & Bridal specializes in wedding dresses, we have the tailors to perform any alterations needed to make your dress fit as if it was made just for you!

Brides if you need alterations on your dream wedding dress, we would love to assist you. We recommend you use our easy-to-use online appointment feature. This will allow you to schedule a specific time slot with one of our bridal specialists. We are confident you will receive the best customer experience possible; rest assure you’ll always experience a friendly and professional visit.

We are equipped to tackle any type of wedding gown alterations. Regardless of the work involved we will make your wedding dress perfect! Our bridal alteration specialists will work with you to develop the perfect solution to make your dress your dream gown.

Wedding Dress Alterations

When we say we specialize in bridal alterations, we mean all things bridal. That includes your entire wedding party too! Book an alterations appointment for your entire wedding party, it is easy and secures private rooms for your party.

We can allocate an hour for your experience.


  • Bride and Groom
  • Bridesmaids
  • Best Man
  • Groomsmen
  • Flower Girl
  • Ring Bearer
  • Parents
  • And more!

 Send your wedding guests to us, we would be honored to offer our alterations services and have them look perfect for your big day.

Bridal Alteration FAQs

As a bride, you have a lot on your mind all at once. We are here to make the alteration process as seamless and stress-free as possible. We have provided answers to a few frequently asked questions below. You can always give us a call or stop by and one of our tailors can provide answers to any additional questions you may have.
How much are wedding dress alterations?
The price of your wedding gown alterations will vary on the type of alterations needed. Once we know more about the alterations needed, our team can provide an approximation of the price. However, we cannot provide a guaranteed price until the alteration is complete. You are welcome to contact us via phone or email for an estimate before choosing to drop off your dress.
How long do bridal alterations take?
The time it takes to complete alterations varies due to two factors: the type of alterations needed and the type of dress. Some wedding dresses only need minor alterations and can be done quickly, while others need more complex alterations. More involved alterations will be reviewed with customer and estimated after consultation.
What should I bring to a fitting?
Great questions! You should bring the shoes and any undergarments you plan on wearing on your wedding day. We recommend you bring the undergarments because they can make up to a two-inch difference in the hemline or waist.
How far in advance do I need to schedule alterations?
We recommend brides have any alterations done three months prior to the wedding day. You should have one more fitting about two weeks prior to your big day. Our bridal tailors will provide their recommended fitting times, so you can focus on other aspects of your special day.


Bridal Alterations

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