10 Bridal Gown Alterations in Houston We Can Perform

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Bridal

At Montrose Bridal & Tailors, we are experts in bridal gown alterations in Houston. We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two, and you can be positive that without alterations, your gorgeous and carefully selected wedding dress won’t live up to the potential it would with them. Full of talent, skills, and experience, our Montrose Tailors team can perform any bridal alterations to curate the vision that you have for your perfect day.

Our goal as a bridal boutique and tailor shop is to offer you the best of both worlds regarding comfort and beauty. Whether it’s finding the right dress for your big day or performing tricky alterations, when it comes to bridal gown alterations in Houston, our tailors are capable of completing anything. 

The wedding dress alterations we have listed below are just a small sample of the alterations we can complete in Houston:

1. Shortening or Hem

When bought off the rack, your wedding dress likely has too long of a hem for your body. These longer dresses are meant to cater to taller brides and brides with the perfect pair of high heels picked out for this momentous occasion, but we believe brides of every size and style deserve to don the wide array of dazzling wedding gown designs available to them. Our tailors shorten the hem for almost all of our bridal clients! Hem shortening is the most common bridal gown alteration we perform in Houston and varies in cost.

2. Shortening Straps

As a bridal gown tailor, we can shorten and lengthen various types of fabrics and seams found on your wedding dress. The straps of a dress are in a similar position as the hem. They’re typically made longer to fit more brides, so don’t fret if you may have to shorten your straps. This is an easy and affordable bridal gown alteration that you can request at our Montrose tailor shop.

3. Taking In/Out the Waist

With bridal gown alterations, we can’t emphasize enough that off-the-rack dresses are made for a wide variety of brides, so you will  most likely need to alter your bridal gown, no matter what. To fit your dress more comfortably and/or beautifully, we may need to take the dress in or out. Weeks before the big day, we’ve seen size fluctuate in all kinds of ways, but rest assured that with us, your dress will look fabulous when you walk down that aisle. At Montrose Bridal & Tailors, we believe all bodies are beautiful and unique!

4. Taking In The Chest

Wedding dress manufacturers can be very generous when creating the chest size. If you have a smaller bust, taking in the chest will help you fill out the dress and be more comfortable. When taking in the chest or the area around the chest, we like to keep an eye on the neckline. You deserve to be comfortable in your dress without it feeling or looking loose on your body. This is a more complex alteration, but our talented Houston bridal tailors can handle it, and keep you looking your best.

5. Altering the Neckline

If you need the chest taken in and your neckline altered, our bridal gown alteration services in Montrose can help. The neckline is commonly adjusted alongside the chest area because of their relation to one another. Of course, you may also want a more closed or more open neckline in general. Regardless of your preference, we can perform any alterations to achieve your vision!

6. Shortening the Train

In tradition, the train has always been meant to leave an impression on your guests and keep them lingering on your beauty well after you’ve reached the altar. However, if you have second thoughts regarding your train, our team can perform a shortening alteration. This isn’t a common bridal gown alteration we get requested, but it is doable if you would like.

7. Bustle

After you have taken your vows, you will want to be able to move comfortably as you greet all your guests. A carefully thought out bustle pattern will give you the flexibility to move around without worrying about your train being stepped on. With different styles to choose from, we recommend speaking with our consultants to see which bustle style would accentuate your dress the most!

8. Back Alterations

The closure may not be the only alteration you wish for when it comes to the back of your wedding gown. Wedding dress back alterations are typically related to design or style preferences. You may want a lace back on a strapless dress, or you want some material removed for an open look. Regardless, we can perform the alterations. We recommend you bring reference pictures of other dresses you like so we can have a better understanding of the bridal gown alterations you want.

9. Custom Alterations

Off-the-rack wedding dresses aren’t not always perfect. They may feature design or style choices you don’t agree with. In that case, let our team help you obtain the wedding dress of your dreams. Bring in your dress for more special and/or complicated bridal gown alterations. We can help you with adding sleeves, adding lace, a fuller hem, adding a big train, and so much more!

10. Cleaning & Preserving

Technically not an alteration, this service provided by us is pretty unique to our business! 

Bridal Gown Alterations Near You in Houston

As you can see, our bridal gown alterations include everything you need to make your wedding dress what you’ve always seen in your dreams. We are happy to offer such a comprehensive list of bridal gown alterations to Houston brides. Our bridal gown tailors would like to welcome you into our Montrose Bridal & Tailor shop. You’re welcome to stop by for a walk-in or give us a call at (713) 637-4089 to schedule an appointment.

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